The Value of Your Self Leadership

February 26, 2011

Self Leadership is about doing the right things in the right ways for the right reasons when it comes to yourself, your career, your job, and your development in your field. By doing the right things in the right way for the right reasons, you bring “value” to your employer, to your job, and to yourself.  Your personal “value” is by far the best defense against losing your job or feeling poorly about yourself. Also, your “value” is by far the best offense you have to grow and develop yourself, to get ahead in your career, your field, and your organization. Third, your “value” is by far the best way for you to feel comfortable within yourself, to feel your self worth and self confidence, and to feel like you know where you want to go with your life and your career so that it means something to you.

Self Leadership is the creation of your self through your personal identity, your internal director, and your life purpose to be of “value” to yourself and others. Your personal identity is your unique personality and what you stand for as a person formed by your core values, beliefs, interests, motivations, moods, strengths, and gifts.  Your internal director is your inner coach who guides you through your work life and your life through carefully chosen principles and personal rules to make appropriate decisions for yourself and other people. Your life purpose enables you to escape the existential sense of nothingness and meaninglessness and moves you towards a life that has meaning, relevance, and worth to you and the society you live in by making valued contributions that make a difference.

©2011  Copyright by Robert Gardner  All Rights Reserved  Gardner Associates  Oakland, Ca


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