Using Self Leadership to Land Your Next Job

June 18, 2011

Self leadership shows you and members of a company what “value” you can bring to a job. By “value” it conveys how you can save money, make money, change the culture of a team, stream line operations, just to mention a few examples. The underlying theme of “value” is to explain how you can make a difference through your efforts and work to make contributions and changes to a job you are applying for. This is what companies are looking for. Companies are looking for people who can make a difference.

The essence of self leadership is to know what you have to offer to prospective employers that can make a difference. At the core of your contributions are your job skills, your job knowledge, your job enthusiasm, your desire to make job changes, and your ways of influencing co-workers on the job. Fundamentally, the way you lead yourself and others to make a difference in a job will get you the job you are looking for.

©2011 Copyright by Robert Gardner All Rights Reserved


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